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Man, I can't stand college...processes..>l

Wow, I haven't posted anything since....a really long time. lol
Hmm, let's see...well, I went to Italy for a week! :D
It' was awesome! I had such a good experience and had such a fun time with my friends. I mean, we bumped into some problems here and there, but nothing worth mentioning. It made my passion for travel run even deeper, I can't wait to go somewhere else!

Hm, what else, I went to go to drop off my Financial Aid Package at Mercy College, since it was due today....and me being me, waited till the last minute. ^^" But anyways, I hated the campus. Wait, actually, it wasn't even a campus. It was a building. Not even a distinct building. In fact, I almost passed the damn place. *sigh* This is what happens when you don't prepare and plan, and make appointments and do things on time. u_u,,
And now, I want to change and go to Iona because the have a campus. One where I can be like, '"Oh my gosh, it's already 12:45 and my class starts at 1. Now I havta cut through Building C to get there on time!" *Runs*'
I dunno, I want to have that kind of experience. lol Well, I guess I'll just take my classes at the campus in the Bronx which isn't bad, it's just that it's bleh....oye.
Anyways, so that-
OH WAIT! Utada Hikaru is coming to Best Buy in NY on the 12th!
I mean, I just got into her music only a few weeks ago, but I love her so far. Her voice is so....awesome!
I am so going! I have to! It's necessary and proper to my music psyche, so yes, booked up for the 12! :D Can't wait!
Here's her most recent MV!



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