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Happy Feelin'

Hmm, what is there to say about the all mighty, all great, all stupendous me...?

Well, first let me tell you I'm none of those things, hehe...
My name is Mandy (like the Barry Manilow song! I'm famous!) and I'm sevemteen.

I love to be happy! It's my default emotion. I laugh at everything. Well, okay not everything, but a lot of things. Including my own jokes, ^_^".

I have three obsessions: watches.(I love the concept of time) umbrellas.(rain is awesome, but being wet is cold work) socks.(whoo!) I'm serious.

I like to draw, dance, listen to music, write, clean (yeah, I know...), Spider-Man!, blue, looking up at the sky, taking pictures, making friends, learning and words!
I absolutely adore words. And it has nothing to do with my last name (which is Webster, btw)

I would love to learn how to paint. I have so many ideas, and waiting eagerly (albeit impatiently) to get out!

I watch cartoons, Monk (whoo!), Psych, How It's Made, Good Eats, and some other random shows.
I like books and I read Manga. (currently Detective Conan, :])

I like oldies music, i.e. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Frankie Vallie, Perry Como, etc. I also like John Coltrane and Danny Elfman. And Micheal Buble! {so adorable}
But there are some songs that are out -those for the youngsters- that I like.
And I love foreign music too!

I love action movies! I'm petrified of horror movies, though.

And I think George Eads is super sexy!

I paranoid of everything. I always jump when someone comes up behind me or if someone is walking behind me in the same direction, I go crazy thinking they're follwing me. Until the turn the corner or something.
I'm a procrastinator and I get distracted quite easily. It doesn't ruin my life or anything, but it's really bad school wise.

Um, that's pretty much it until I think of something esle.

I'd be pleased and flattered if you added me as friend!