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  Bleh, I'm sick. I feel like crap, my throat is sore, and my eyes are watery and my sneezes aren't too pretty either. 
Nothin's been going on with me lately. I have my SAT's this Saturday, so I'm studying for that. Umm, I climbed a mountain! About two weeks ago in Jaffrey, NH. It wasn't as bad as thought it would be, nor as easy. But it was fun! I'd do it again. 
Hmm, what else?
My aunt's going to the Netherlands for 8 days. She's leaving tomorrow right after work. I told her to bring me some wooden shoes. ^^
I don't have school tomorrow because of Ascention Thursday, but I have school Friday. They should give us the day off because.....just because! 
Err, I really can't remember anything else that happened over the last few weeks. Nothing worth remembering anyway. So, that's it for now. 
I'll remember more stuff next time....probably.....most likely.....nah, maybe not.

Clumsy Me...

My phone is dead. It....fell in the toilet yesterday. Yes, disgusting. What's worse is that it fell in the toilet at school. I had to fish it out with my pen, which is now in the trash. I was changing for gym in the bathroom because I really don't like changing in front of people all too much and I had put my phone on top of the toilet paper dispenser thing, like I always do. So, I dunno, next thing I know there's this splash and I look to see that my phone has fallen into the toilet.

Now I am without communication to the outside world. But, it's no big deal really. I didn't use the phone much except for text messaging. Anyways, I have the sim card so... I don't know when I'm going to get another one though. I have to call my Uncle.

The dance we were supposed to have at my school got canceled because the Junior class is lame! This is the second dance this year that's been canceled. It's because not enough people bought tickets. My first year there, and I have yet to experience any kind of school event. At least I'll get my $25 refund back, I guess. Still, it sucks. I was planning on going and having a good time with my friends.

SAT next month! I have to study, study, study! Especially the math. Wish me luck!

I Lied

Yes, yes, I did say I was going to update as much as possible. Turns out as much as possible equal not at all, apparently. So much has happened since my last update. I can't recall it all of course, but, yes, a lot has happened.
Um, well, my TV was set up recently.
I got my stipend from the program at my school. Which I lost. Then recovered. It was in one of the school library books I had returned. You don't know how relieved I was when the librarian told me. I was tearing up my room looking for it. But now my bank account is fully fed for the time being. 

Oh, and how could I forget. Midterms! Don't you just love to hate 'em! I had Math first, ugh! Math and all it's evil ways to make me fail miserably. But I guess having it earlier than later is better, I suppose. History was my next one. Which I was totally happy about! Here's the thing, okay, so I'm good at History, no problem. I mean, it's basically just memorizing things, right? And that's not too hard. But there's so much information and the study sheet my teacher had given us had superfluous things we had to study for. But anyways, an hour before the test, I was studying my notes in the caf. Territorial expansion, specifically. And then, guess what? Territorial expansion was the thematic essay task! I was so happy because I actually knew all the information. That was really my only worry about the test, that I'd forget all info for writing the essay. I was ecstatic. I'm such a loser, right? Ah well, I'm just happy because I know I'm gonna pass. I had English yesterday and today. Regents. I know I did well on my first two essays, but the one I did today. Awful. Mediocre at best, really. Maybe it was the atmosphere. Man, I really hope I get higher than a 80 at least.
I really love to write essays and I get terribly disappointed in myself when I start bullshitting the thing. I hope the teacher who's grading it doesn't notice. (pfft, yeah right) 

So that's basically what's happening in my life as of now. Not interesting, but who said it was gonna be? I'm really, really gonna try to update more often. Promise....Okay, I don't promise, but I'll try. 

Oh, oh, yeah. Just a little tidbit of super happiness that happened.
Tennis Boy sat next to me on the bus on Monday.
Yeah, you're like 'Who's tennis boy? What the hell...'
Well, Tennis Boy is this boy that I see often (only on the bus though *sigh*) and he's so adorable.
And then there's Bakery Boy and Bus Boy. Tee-hee!
Pathetic, but, hey, what are you gonna do?
But I still forever will love Casey! ~*^*~
Geez Louise, I need to go get my self a life, don't I?

Oh, and since I know no one is reading this thing, I'mma gonna post a short snippet of a story I've been harboring in my hardrive. It's not great. In fact, I don't even think it's good but here goes. It's a JN songfic. It's not finished, clearly. Meh, blahdy blah. 
copyright pygmy_doyenne and all that funky jazz
like anybody wants to steal it anyway.
Oh, if there's any mistakes, well then...whoops. 'll fix 'em later.

It's a story, I guess...Collapse )


Ugh, I was so out of it today. It's because I stayed up 'til 2 a.m. last night. And the reason I stayed up until 2 was because I slept for, I dunno, 4 hours before. And the reason I slept undisclosed amount of time was because I was up until one. I hadn't had school friday or monday, so I was still in long weekend mode. I'll try and get some sleep tonight so I won't end up sleeping on the bus tomorrow or through Spanish class!

The lady for the Mosholu Montefiore Program came in today and we took an academic assesment test. I not to fond of those. I mean the reading is easy, no problem, but I always bomb on the Math. I've never been good at Math, ever. But she said that there'll be a tutor coming, it's part of the program. So maybe I'll be better by the end of the year, and with Physics too. My teacher, she's a good teacher, I suppose, but I can't really learn from her. And she's never after school for help. If she is, I can't find her. And when I ask her for help in class, she doen't fully explain the stuff to me and I'm confused even more. So maybe this guy'll help me better understand the stuff.
Well, I gotta go study my Spanish and do my History homework.

Hasta luego!

The End of the beginning of the...end

So, this is my new journal. I had one before, but I wasn't using it; half the time I forgot either my user name or my password or both. 
So, ta-da, here's a brand spankin' new one. 
I'm going to try and udpdate as much as possible on this one, even if I don't get any friends here. I'm gonna treat this as if it were a real journal and if anyone cares to comment, be my guest. 
I shall officially start mañana.



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