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Happeee :D

Hmm, the last time I wrote something, it was about me seeing Utada, but unfortunately I didn't get to see her. She had gotten sick and wasn't able to fly in. Ho-hum, maybe a next time.

Anyways, REALLY good news! lol
I graduated yesterdaaayy!! :D
I'm so happy! It was sooo nice to finally get my diploma (well not really, it comes in the mail, but...). I mean, I know I've only been at SCA for two years, and didn't experience what the girls who've been there since Freshman year experienced or anything like that, but I'm SO happy to have spent my last two years with those girls. ♥♥♥

I had put up pictures of the graduation on Facebook, and one of the girls I knew from my old school commented, saying I should have graduated with them (at Maginn). But, y'kno, I couldn't exactly reply, "Well, frankly, I prefer it here...soo, I'm kinda glad I am where I am" lol  I mean sure, the memories I had at my old school will always remain (the good ones anyway), and I remember when I first came here that I had wanted to just go home and everything back to normal. But,  now, I'm glad I'm here, despite the circumstances that got me here in the first place. It's hard to explain, kind of. So I'm done. xD

So I was watching a crocheting show (yes, yes..¬_¬) that comes on those public television channels. And they made this little teacup


And now I want to creat one a'cuz it's so adorable! And lean how to make my own designs and stuff. So, that's gonna be a hobby this summer, crocheting. I used to do it, but it was just the simple stuff. And also,  a Michael's store opened up near where I live, so it'll be easy to get yarn, and more things for crafts and stuff! I'm so excited. :D
And I'm thinking of applying there anyway, super dicount baby, yeah! lol And they've great benefits too! 
Well, I'm gone! 12 in the morning, I gotta get to bed. Last day of volunteer tomorrow(finally!) and hanging out with the girls! :D



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