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Eh. It's life...

So, yeah...

Er. school started and it's okay, I suppose. A little stressed about college and getting in. My friend keeps reassuring me, but I have this irrational fear of not getting into any college I apply to. Like, I'm gonna end up on the street or something, begging for change. And, okay, that's probably not gonna happen, but yeah... But otherwise, I'm all good. Everything going pretty well...

I started comic book classes the 2 weeks ago and it's pretty awesome. It's just starting out, but it's really exciting and the professor is kinda cool. I like him. Hmm, what else....

Oh, yeah! I need a job. I had a job interview last week Friday, but the lady called me the other day and was like, "No job fer you!" It's because I couldn't work on Mon and Tue, a'cuz I have club. Ho-hum, maybe something better will come along. Or maybe I'll actually get that job at Barnes & Nobles, that way I'd get to work around books! =]  I'm still waiting on my SS card. I can't believe I lost it tho! I think I threw it away with the envelope they send your stuff back in when you apply for a passport, so...whoops! haha

There's this stay the night thing at SUNY Oneonta on the weekend of the 8th in November...I really want to go, just to check out the campus and see if I would really want to spend the next four years of my life there. My aunt doesn't want me to go away, but I kinda really don't wanna stay in the city anymore. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just I want to leave already. We'll see, I guess

Oh, and tomorrow starts Spirit Week! Tomorrow is Twin Day...lol. I still don't have a twin but whatever. Imma just gonna wear black and hope for the best...lol.

That's all for now, I guess. When something interesting happens, I'll try to remember it so I can log it in here. :D




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